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AKAY Düğme

Akay Düğme came into operation in Istanbul – Mercan in 1970’s by Sayım Akay aiming at serving in terms of accessories within textile sector. Akay Düğme being one of the few domestic manufacturers during the years of establishment has started to manufacture with bakelite buttons. In these 40 years it has gained more strength and ranked among the most important companies within Turkey. Thanks to its deep-rooted history, the company has been a witness to the whole development and story of textile sector in Turkey. Especially, being one of the most well-known company within the region of Eminönü Akay Düğme, has a powerful portfolio with both wholesale and retail customer profile. Today, as one of the leading companies that direct the sector, Akay Düğme offers products keeping up with the times by taking the pulse of fashion World.

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Never giving up the principles embraced on the day of establishment, Akay Düğme is one of the most important partners of the sectors related to women’s clothing, men’s clothing etc with its deep-rooted history and the care for the work. It manufactures textile accessories from different materials including korozo, leather, oysters, pearl, metal and plastic and especially polyester in its facilities in Küçükköy/Gaziosmanpaşa. Akay Düğme continues manufacturing 24 hours and 365 days unceasingly and delivers its products made by 100% local production techniques to all four sides of Turkey and to 45 countries.

Fashion is a living sector. Considering this situation, the demands of sector are also changing constantly. Akay Düğme directs the sector due to its innovations in addition to keeping up with the sector. Following the technological developments, it aims at serving the customers in a better way. It targets being a company that makes life easier thanks to service quality and customer relations. It works in order to add value to the partner companies with a dynamic approach that is open to change. While renewing itself according to the needs of the sector, it has never compromised on quality since the day of establishment.

Akay Düğme offers many alternatives for fashion designers with the buttons fitting for different kinds of styles. It also gives inspiration to designers with buttons designs that are possible write any text on them. The company, attracting notice with a color scale addressing all kinds of tastes, reaches many locations in Turkey and the World from factory via wholesale and retail sale. Akay Düğme, chosen for material alternatives appealing to different preferences, is among important names in clothing industry considering both design and product quality.


Some customer representatives within Akay Düğme serve in textile accessories market reaching every location where the customer is. The company works as an overall partner for all of the customers in need for textile accessories. Akay Düğme sharing current samples regularly with the customers provides special designs considering the demand of the customers. It offers service with its wide product range that consists of trendy designs. It also provides quick delivery thanks to daily shipping service fort he customers who choose Akay Düğme as partner.


Akay Düğme maintains production 24 hours and 365 days, and delivers its products made by 100% local production techniques to every corner of Turkey and 45 countries in the World. Akay Düğme works with export specialists speaking Russian, Arabic and English, and offers its customers online service 7/24. In addition to special designs for its customers from all over the World, it provides the customers with logistics and customs clearance service for each order. Being a conscious company of its responsibility, it pays attention to have full knowledge of customs legislation and authority’s precision in different countries.


Akay Düğme does not risk the sources to be needed in the future and pays attention to protect environmental and social values.


Akay Düğme pays attention to continuing education and keeps working in R&D department on design and production.



Akay Düğme follows the highest technology in the world, and applies and develops domestic production techniques in its modern facilities that are established thanks to the investments in the area of technology.



Akay Düğme serves textile sector by means of accessories and prioritizes quality and safety before all for the sake of adding value to its partners.