Different sizes, colors, materials and thousands of options
Why should we choose AKAY Düğme products?
Akay Düğme manufactures button and accessories for the ready-wear sector since its establishment. Akay Düğme, one of the first producing companies within sector in Turkey, offers a product range fitting global quality standards.

GReady-wear sector keeps changing and diversifying along with the development of technology both in the world and in Turkey. Akay Düğme targets to provide thee best service for its customer since its establishment with the responsibility of being among the first producing companies in Turkey in order to respond the necessities of this dynamic sector.

Responding the demands of the customer meticulously, Akay Düğme designs tailor-made products and develops its product range consistently by contacting with the designers both from Turkey and other countries. Importing special materials from foreign countries and applying different design techniques, Akay Düğme makes its customers’ products remained unsold evaluated again by means of color and modeling. The company, designing and manufacturing different objects using CNC cut, offers products in the correct tone for the need of customer among its own color chart.

It pays great attention to develop itself thanks to the expert team on design and production R&D in the facilities with modern and high technology. The company holds it place in this developing sector by diversifying its products and enlarging the service limits. Akay Düğme has introduced the new product family to the market and earned a great success and organizational growth. As a company rooted in the expertise and skill, leads the sector.
Do you have a minimum limit for order?
There is not a limit for order. When there is a special minimum limit for order considering your preferences, you will be informed. You can call us or send an e-mail to know more about orders.
What is the delivery period?
There is not a standard delivery period for orders. It subject to change according to the designs and the materials. We do our best for offering the fastest service in our facilities maintaining production 24 hours/365 days.
We want to write some text on buttons. Is it possible?
Tailor-made buttons are modified and personalized by writing your brand’s name on them. Laser technology that we use enables us to write any text like name or brand in demanded design on buttons and also to apply different designs or logos on them. You can call us or send an e-mail for more details.
Where in Turkey/in the world do you send products?
We send our products to all four corner of Turkey. Also we export our product 45 countries. Our experts who have a command of foreign languages (Russian, Arabic and English) support our customers about that. As Akay Düğme, we organize all kinds of logistics and customs clearance services for you.

Minimum Amounts

Cylinder amount may differ +/- 5% due to production conditions.

Size Code Size Cylinder Amount
72 L 45,72mm 700 Pieces
60 L 38,01mm 900 Pieces
54 L 34,29mm 1200 Pieces
52 L 33,02mm 1200 Pieces
48 L 30,48mm 1500 Pieces
44 L 27,94mm 1800 Pieces
40 L 25,44mm 2200 Pieces
36 L 22,86mm 2800 Pieces
32 L 20,32mm 3500 Pieces
30 L 19,05mm 3800 Pieces
Size Code Size Cylinder Amounts
28 L 17,78m 4500 Pieces
26 L 16,51mm 5500 Pieces
24 L 15,24mm 6300 Pieces
23 L 14,61mm 7000 Pieces
22 L 13,97mm 7800 Pieces
20 L 12,70mm 9000 Pieces
18 L 11,43mm 11000 Pieces
16 L 10,16mm 14000 Pieces
14 L 8,89mm 18000 Pieces

To find out different sizes of our buttons, please use size chart.

You can download size chart in PDF format and print it. BOY TABLOSU